The trip of a lifetime you’ve been planning is finally here.

If the unexpected happens will you be prepared for a medical emergency?

  • Travel experts advise you to carry your personal, medical and emergency contact information with you.

  • The Traveler-ER™ USB drive lets you do just that by providing you with a secure and portable software solution for storing your vital records on a convenient, credit card sized USB drive.

  • Designed with input from emergency medical professionals, our software on the Traveler-ER™ Card USB drive organizes your crucial records into a unique, printable Emergency Records Report that can provide medical personnel with important information to assist with your medical care.

  • The personal information you enter into Traveler-ER™ is stored only on your personal Traveler-ER USB drive, not on any central or online database.

  • The Traveler-ER™ USB drive is compatible with computers running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Apple computers.




“…definitely a much more advanced method of carrying around vital information”

“…the most ingenious way of carrying your medical records with you wherever you go.”

“The Traveler-ER USB drive is designed to give travelers a secure way to carry their medical records, emergency contact info, and other sensitive data.”

“Forget planners and travel documents, Traveler-ER, Inc, has a new solution to keep you healthy while traveling.”